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Public Relations Services

We provide a range of PR services from writing, press releases, media relations, case studies, email marketing & newsletters, content generation, blog & website copywriting, interviews, public profiling, article dissemination, digital PR, media launches, customer events, social media marketing, stakeholder engagement and internal communications.

Our belief that great communication is about telling your story in the most captivating ways so that you stand out from the clutter and get noticed rests at the heart of all our PR services. Whether we are driving an internal or external campaign for you, we are constantly seeking or creating great stories about your business, people and products. The same rule applies to any services offered in the marketing mix.

Digital channels are integrated into our PR services as long as it is relevant and appropriate.

What makes us a great PR partner?

  • Understand and get your business and industry
  • Highly responsive
  • On point with our messages
  • Produce work that doesn’t look like spin
  • Develop a high level of trust with our clients
  • Leverage the power of traditional and digital mediums
  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random
  • The cornerstone of good communication is to ensure the written word featured in all your communication is consistent, relevant and
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  • Content is not just about the written word but is about telling your story in the best way for the
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  • The channels of communication have evolved to include media, consumers, celebrities and influencers. Our approach is to identify the right
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  • We don't follow a spray and pray approach to PR, we connect with key platforms to provide them with high
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  • Getting media interviews is tough and depends on the newsworthiness of your angle. We know what will and won't work
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  • We create a positive impression and profile for your business in South Africa by seeking out opportunities where you can
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  • Digital channels are integrated as a key part of all our PR campaigns. Our Digital PR services include online reputation
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  • We plan a variety of media launches from telephonic updates and briefings, boardroom meetings, to special events that will get
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  • Besides engaging and managing conversations on social media platforms, marketing on these platforms where appropriate, can open your business up
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  • Think of communication as the neural network in the human body. Any misfire in communication creates inefficiency and even dysfunction.
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