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Crises Communications Strategy

Reputations take years to build and yet can be destroyed in seconds. A well-documented, actionable, understood and tested response and crises communications framework is essential to any business – this includes team responsibilities, channels of communication, a method for analysing the scale of the crises, as well as formal processes.

The biggest risk during a crisis comes from the company mishandling its response to the situation and forfeiting the confidence and trust of customers and other audiences. Often a crisis comes out of left field and usually the business is not ready for it. When a crisis hits though, many business executives don’t follow a proper communications blueprint, often because they don’t have one or have never dealt with a similar situation before.

Companies are judged by their response to the crises and it is essential that all key executives know what to do and how to react. As business leaders your role is to manage factors that might affect or shape perceptions and in the end it is about making the right decisions and taking the right actions.

We provide the following strategic services:

  • Risk analysis and scenario planning
  • Crises communications policies and processes
  • Integrated crises management & communication plan (internal and external audiences)
  • Crises training for executives
  • Advice on steps for recovery
  • Handling media during a crises
  • Monitoring a crises

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